Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Recovering Addict & Family support

Anybody who has struggled with an addiction particularly alcohol and drug addiction to a point of self acceptance that they need help; understand the importance of family support during this time. It starts with self will to walk out of the wilderness of addiction, next comes in someone to walk with you through the journey , third comes in family who greatly influence the final outcome of the rehabilitation process. What dod the need to know:

1. The situation: Famiy and close friends need to understand that the balon of a recovering addict needs to be guraded with care for it not to burst. In the event that is bursts, several steps backwards will have to be retraced. This will be a waste iof time and resources.

2. Support: When the people concered understandd dthe situation, they need to provide encouragement to the affected individual as they guide them to ful recovery.

3. Separation: Family and friends dduring this process need to ensure the necesary distance is kept away from other peers that woud pull the recoveree success story down. Seclusion at times remain the only way for a specified period of time to build self confidence in the addict that they can on principle stand alone against taking the intoxicants that ruin their body.

4. Recovery: Addicts need care like any other invalid. The foods they take need to be balanced, exercise should be encouraged and all the requirements in regards to a recovering patient.

Happy Recovery!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

About Soberlife Mentorship Society-Kenya

Soberlife Mentorship Society

The Soberlife Mentorship is a grassroots initiative by young volunteers whose objective is to mentor the community into positive, progressive and responsible lifestyles. Through Soberlife, we have conducted training and mentorship sessions in schools, universities, churches, informal settlements, prisons, rescue centers, government and non-governmental institutions all across Kenya. Our activities also focus on parenting, bridging gaps between parents and the challenges of the emerging generation. Having gone through the shackles of drug addiction and juvenile rebellion including run-away from home experiences, Paul, the initiator is a success story of a transformed juvenile who graduated from the United States International University in 2008 and currently a good will peace and behavior change ambassador in the community. He uses his story to sensitize, bring awareness and mentor youth and general community about the adverse effects negative habits that drag development. Paul is a goodwill ambassador and Trainer of Trainers of the National Campaign against Drug Abuse (NACADA). He has extensive local and international experience, with outreaches and learning forums in Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Turkey, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. We are also an active member of the Street Children and Youth Organization Network (SCYON), a platform for furthering the welfare of street and other vulnerable children. Our team consists of social workers, addiction counselors, communication and public relations officers who dedicate some of their time into this humanitarian call.

Main Objectives
To inspire young people facing teenage-youth challenges and related delinquencies into a life of sobriety and responsibility through a behavior change mentorship program


The total people directly reached during the ADA and HIV awareness and trainings since 2013 exceed 20,000 with direct impacts to the children and youth being over 15,000. Some of the direct beneficiaries include: Prince Valley Academy (40); Ndurarua Primary School (800); Valley High School (100); Thika Road Girls School (200); United States International University (35); Kibera Kidyot Youth Club (45); Nairobi West Prison(500); World Day against Drug Abuse Campaign (3000); International Day for Street Children (600), Nairobi County Medical Camp (5000); Ngong SDA Crusade (500); Meru Parents’ Meeting (35); Third Exodus Pentecostal Assembly Church (350); Bible Believers Church Banana (180), Kiambiu Slums Chief’s Baraza (80), Lari District Peace Forum (300), Gatamaiyu Young Males Youth Mentorship (200), Baringo Community and Schools Outreach Forum (1000), Ruthimitu Girls (400), Majengo Community (70) Raha Kids: (60) Maisha Poa Rescue Center (40) Addis Ababa Emmanuel Church (1,500); Matthew’s Table Berlin Fellowship (30); Austria (50); Poland (100); Weekly and Monthly Missionary activities (1000)

Monday, 3 August 2015

Many people in their prime age in the present generation are not only becoming unproductive but also losing lives. Illiteracy, poverty, negative investments, poor leadership and lack of proper mentorship are factors contributing to the situation. Alcohol and drug abuse is one of the great emerging challenges facing society today. This habit is not limited to national or international boundaries, age, race, culture, religious, social political or economic status of people. The current young generation is at the highest risk due to a lack of true, trans formative mentors who can positively impact their lifestyles. There is a close correlation between drug habits and the high cases of delinquency resulting in crime, poor education and job performance, domestic violence, sexual abuse, early/ teenage pregnancy and emergence of new HIV cases. Family institutions, community development, national stability and sustainability of resources have been directly affected. An unhealthy population results in a weak physical and mental labor force, leading to poverty and negative development.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Soberlife Mentorship society is still alive, getting bigger and better. We wish to thank all the stakeholders that have partnered with us in reaching out to the community to root out alcoholism and drug abuse. We welcome more as we progress through the year and culminate in a drug free society. It is possible..

Monday, 14 January 2013

Soberlife Mentorship Society~ Impacting selves to sober, responsible, respectable, meaningful lives.

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